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Modern technology has paved the way for individuals to complete daily tasks more efficiently. Advancements in technology, especially in web development, are changing drastically in order to satisfy the needs of individuals who are no longer satisfied with what the current technological product can do. In an attempt to expand the Web, various organisations and companies are willing to customise their personal Web spaces and move towards a completely remote platform, all while making it more convenient for individuals online. However, as we know, since we cannot communicate with computers, a platform with codes and a set of rules are necessary. Computers use web technologies and programming languages to form their interface.

Websites are built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, all programming apps that have changed society drastically. According to client specifications, the websites are modified and updated using these frameworks in order to deliver the desired content that needs to be displayed. Web development varies from the simplest texts to complex kinetic pages, and the developer is supposed to take up the required technologies in line with the stipulations of the client.

Analysing the prevailing web technologies, let’s take a look at the most renowned breakthroughs:

Ruby on Rails (RoR)

It's trendy! As the new update comes out regularly, the fever is high. In a least amount of time, Minimum Viable Product (MVP) could be built and help contribute to its popularity, ultimately becoming the developers’ choice.


For desktop web applications and mobile apps, Angular is the best alternative. This app is known for reducing the redundancy of texts and data. In an attempt to achieve this purpose, Web designers may use HTML as the template language. AngularJS will allow the extension of HTML syntax and convey the necessary components of applications. Angular is a JavaScriptbased open-source front-end web framework for developing single-page applications.

• Controls over scalability

• Angular-specific help and feedback with nearly every IDE

• Productivity supports google’s largest applications

Symphony PHP

Symphony PHP is a set of PHP components and framework for building web applications. It is also an open source with MVC architecture. The main use of this technology is to build high performance web applications. Furthermore, it has the competitive periphery over other frameworks in many aspects of the application development, ultimately saving time and hectic code work.

ASP.NET is an open source web application framework designed to produce versatile web pages. It is capable of developing dynamic content driven websites by providing simple and faster solutions based on HTML5, CSS and JAVAScript. It is extremely scalable as it comprises both frontend and backend languages.

Motion UI

For the next decade, motion design can be considered as one of the main web design trends as it has drawn attention due to its minimalist designs along with subtle interactions. Many elements of this technology can help you display your unique style!

Apart from these technologies, React JS, Python, Vue JS, Express.JS, Cake PHP, DJango, Laravel and so on are few more frameworks which are in demand. Infact, from the servers, technology goes to clients and clients to end users. So, advancements, as always, would continue to make amazing breakthroughs and benefit the human kind.

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