We are on our way & the journey is memorable.

What do you like the most? For us, it’s watching our ideas take a fruitful shape.

Rajmith is a web development agency that imparts solutions that are simple yet significant, familiar yet distinct and essentially every client’s wish.

We like to be ahead of the time just like the advancing technology, innovative mobile applications thereby tapping upon the new arenas of branding and marketing.

With consistent efforts, go-getter attitude and the will to turn this dream into a reality, we are now a global brand synonymous with the most unique ideas and approach.

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A young mind. A clear vision.

Sitting in a café in 2014 with two of his industry experts, Anit Sharma mushroomed the idea of building Rajmith that would later go on to become a trailblazer software company in imparting customized solutions. After having gained experience for nearly 10 years in the field along with the knowledge imbibed during his MBA days, he put all his learnings in starting Rajmith.

His vision is now a shared vision of 50+ people and 100+ clients. Anit likes to unwind himself with cooking for friends and family and loves playing games on his PS4.