What Are the Different Types of Mobile Apps?

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The App development or better say mobile app development industry is growing at its fastest speed just because mobile-based app users are continuously growing day by day. People like to use their smartphone for their every need as it is very easy to use and gives flexibility of use. That is why every day at least one new mobile app development company is entering the market to fulfil the app development services. Hence the demands of mobile app developers are also increasing very rapidly. However, in this article, we are going to tell you about different types of mobile apps?

Different Types of Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are categorized based on their uses such as educational, social media, gaming, productivity, entertainment, communication, e-commerce etc. But this all category has made for understanding the audience. Here in this, we will know different types of mobile apps as per mobile app development companies and mobile app developers.

So, as per different kinds of app development companies and well-established and educated mobile app developers, there are a total of three kinds of mobile apps which are listed below

● Native apps:

A mobile app development company that has focused on building apps for some particular device or Operating system comes under native apps manufacturer. Native apps are those apps, which are produced specifically for a particular device or mobile operating system. If understood with the help of an example, WhatsApp and Facebook is an example of native apps because it is mainly developed for android and iOS. One of the features of such apps is that it is very fast, responsive and high UX based because it is developed keeping in mind a particular software

● Web apps:

The web works exactly like the native app and it is also made for some special people, in which of course mobile users are given the most attention because after all, it is a mobile app only. The main difference between the native app and the web app can be said that the native app is downloaded from any OS or mobile store and installed on mobile, whereas the web app mainly runs through the website. That is, it is an app, which is made only for mobile users and works like a native app but it works through the website

● Hybrid apps:

Hybrid apps run on the website itself, but their look, feel, UI, UX, speed, etc. are all exactly like native apps and, they can access native APIs as well. These apps are mainly a path between the native app and the web app because it looks and works exactly like the native app but it works on the principle of the web app.

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