Why Android is used in mobile application development

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Are you thinking of developing a mobile application to grow your business? This is a very good step. But what type of operating system will you use to develop mobile applications? Which type of mobile application OS would be best for you? You may have to hire the qualified and best software development company in India.

There are several operating system options available in the market to develop a mobile application such as IOS, windows, and BlackBerry. But here we will tell you why android is mostly used in mobile application development.

As per the basic statistics, Android has captured almost 86% of Mobile applications. IOS and Windows have captured the remaining market field. For example, there are more than 3.5 million applications available on the google play store. This huge number of applications makes it the most reliable and performance-driven operating system to use.

Let us tell you the reason why Android is widely used in mobile application development

● Customer reach

Android is the product of Google and Google has the largest market share in the mobile industry. So, Automatically you get a wide range of customers. You can reach the highest number of customers through an android application.

● Google reputation and tools

Google has not inadvertently become the world's largest IT Company. It provides you with many tools and application development services to make your journey easier. For example, it allows you to release beta programs on the Google play store. You can take feedback from some limited people using your future application update

● Low cost and high ROI

If we talk about cheap and affordable products in the world of the internet, then Google comes above all. Android operating system-based mobile is the cheapest in the market. It makes your application development process cheap and affordable. While you do not even have to compromise on tools and features.

● Flexible features & Customization

Android offers you completely flexible features and customization. You can make your application customizable, flexible, and performance-driven according to your business. There are examples of many such android applications which started with a very basic application and today come in the category of the best application. Even the best mobile app development company in India suggests developing an application with Android.

● Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Unlike Windows, Blackberry, and IOS, Android is extremely Optimized for Social Media. It enables you to connect with your customers through Social media. Almost every Social media application is built on Android. Social media optimization helps you to integrate several social media capabilities on your application. You can connect and interact with a large number of customers through Android.

● Easy to develop

If you ask an app developer who is the easiest OS to make an app, he will definitely take the name of Android. Google is known for its simple look and huge tools. Android is no exception to this. Learning to make apps on Android is very easy and anyone can easily achieve mastery over it. Android mainly uses Java to develop mobile applications. Java is one of the most dominating and easy-to-learn programming languages. Thus developing an app on the android operating system becomes much more simple and cost-effective.

● Scalable and adaptable option

With the introduction of Android Studio by Google, now using Android has become much more scalable. You can start with a basic app and scale up easily in future. Android apps are also an adaptable option. By adaptability, we mean that it can be connected with any product of Google in future. It makes you business smart in a smart world.

● Easy distribution possibility

Listing your app on the Google Play store is much easier than any other store. Their terms and conditions can be easily fulfilled. Also, the google play store is the largest mobile app store in the world, so here the chance of growth of your business increases.

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