Need Of Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website
Responsive Website is Essential

Why Mobile Responsive Website Design Essential?

A website well adapted to all screen sizes i.e laptops, computers, tablets and mobile phones and provide digitally enhanced and smart user experience is termed as responsive website. Talking about SEO benefits, responsive web pages work in line with defined Google recommendation. Still misunderstood the importance of a responsive design? Increase Mobile Usage demands so. Now the question arises- what it takes to make a website responsive? A wholly new website design or changes to the existing website. None of them! Only a slight adjustment in functionality is what desired to make website work well on various devices.
A responsive design defines a type of website design which undergoes adjustments in terms of its characteristics like alignment of data, width and so on so as to look decent when opened on varying screens. This implies slight changes to be done on the part of user interface by designers and no change of code at any point of time. Irrespective of whether a website needs periodic updates or how it looks in future, existing website can be made responsive. This is purely a functional aspect rather than applying major changes in design pattern. A website would look absolutely wonderful and work wonderfully. This is the end result.


Mobile Responsive Website
Mobile Responsive Website

Let’s understand why Responsive design is necessary:

1.Usability: Recent spike in Smartphone users, the need for more functional and more interactive website has grown significantly. The design of website must show all menus and sub pages and the content displayed is readable, that’s the demand of 21stcentury users.  Customers are smart who ask for easy to use things sp if a website needs to grab attention of customers, it must won these properties.

2.Speed Matters: Recently Google has announced that load time for a mobile page is an important factor for SEO. A website must own a design specific to meet SEO parameters and must work properly on all mobile devices. Moreover there is an added benefit of a responsive design. A web page loads fast so no waiting and better usability thus eventually better rankings.

3.Optimal Viewing of Webpage and Content:  Convenient reading and easy navigation are prime factors that customers consider viewing a website.  Minimum resizing, scrolling and fast to load on mobile devices makes a website not only great but also well ranked on Google.


Just imagine, you run an ecommerce business and your customers come from various age groups who use variety of different browsing devices. Is it feasible to create a website differently for each one of them? Will you ask a designer to craft one website for iPhone, one for Android Smartphone and one for computer users? Practically speaking, this is weird and useless. To erase all such browsing issues, an approach came into existence called responsive design. When the madness for mobile usage went viral, responsive website design became necessary.


Responsive Web Design
Responsive Web Design Image

Planning to step into the world of websites where every business owns a design that works excellent in regards to resolution, grids, and layouts? No need for change of code or asking designer to craft a website over again to work on mobile devices. A responsive design is an answer to all your queries. Rajmith is a professional website design company in Gurgaon who promise to deliver outstanding responsive web designs for valuable user experience. So you need not to worry what line of customers you deal with. Amazing resolution is what we aim for when going for responsive design. Better orientation on various platforms is the prime concern while making existing website responsive and functional on mobile devices. Let us make your website responsive and bring back better usability. Let’s talk now.