11 Trends In Mobile Application Development to Watch Out for in 2018

11 Mobile Application Development Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

Mobile applications have evolved from being a need to being a necessity. These apps are the best way to meet the demands of customers and improve sales. Many companies use mobile applications for effective branding, marketing, and customer engagement. Below are the latest trends of mobile app development that one should watch out for in 2018.

  1. Internet of Things (IoT)

The idea of a smart home, smart retail and smart health is growing rapidly. Google has also launched Android Things to increase IoT adoption.

Internet of Things
Internet of Things
  1. Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP has enabled quick loading of pages on mobile phones. It is a very good approach from an SEO point of view. Moreover, it has declared that it will provide an isolated search index exclusively for the mobile web.

Accelerate Mobile Pages
Accelerate Mobile Pages
  1. Mobile Payments

Mobile payment is and continues to be the trend in 2018. M-commerce is definitely taking off with the introduction of Apple Pay and Google Wallet and provides a convenient way of payment for the end users.

Mobile Payment
Mobile Payment
  1. Virtual Reality Apps

Virtual reality apps are not just limited to gaming and entertainment and have a huge potential to influence a diverse range of industry sectors. The growth in last year was driven by business and consumer demands for technologies.

Virtual App
Virtual App
  1. On-demand Apps

These apps cater to the various needs of the customer like beauty services, cleaning and laundry services etc. They are highly convenient and add immense value to the lives of people.

Demand App
On- Demand App
  1. Enterprise Apps

Hybrid apps run in an app form but are mobile websites. They help in reducing the cost and speeding the mobile app development process. A lot of companies have already started embracing “Bring Your Own Device” model.

Enterprise App
Enterprise App
  1. Cloud-based Apps

Cloud-based apps make life easier by getting data without affecting the internal phone memory. Some good examples are Dropbox and Google Drive.

Cloud App
Cloud App
  1. Android Instant Apps

These apps do not require installation and rather function like websites. Fascinating, isn’t it? It saves a lot of space while giving all the functionalities of an app and can be accessed from anywhere.

Instant App
Instant App
  1. Application Security

Apps with built-in security features make it very easy for the users to protect their personal data from getting affected. Such features are the need of the hour and developers need to adapt to these platforms for providing better UX to the users.

Apps Security
Apps Security
  1. Machine Learning

Apps like Prisma, Siri, and Google Now revolve around user preferences and are fun to explore. They use emotional quotient to play with users’ emotional strings.

Machine Learning
Machine Learning
  1. Lazy Loading

According to this concept, the images will only load if their turn on the page comes, which reduces the bounce rate that is caused by slow loading of images. This also helps in boosting conversion rates.

Lazy Loading App
Lazy Loading App

Mobile application development is at its pinnacle and one must keep up with the latest technologies in order to deliver quality products or services to the end users. Right mobile application development lets you create, fine-tune, manage and deliver the application with a bang.We help you launch an app that is not only innovative but also unique in all forms.Rajmith (Mobile App Development Company in Gurgaon) provide mobile application development services with all these trendings ideas so that customers were fully satisfied and happy.We make sure you get a right output as per your business requirements.

Secure & Reliable Hosting Server for Online Businesses

                                                             Secure & Reliable Host Server for Online Businesses

Having a business website but unfortunately, your customers are not able to view your WebPages. What could be the reason? As a business owner, it becomes evitable to launch a website, a domain name and get dedicated web host to run it successfully. A powerful server is needed to store web pages and make a secure connection to the internet. This is essential to make potential customers access your website pages with convenience.


Web Hosting services
Web Hosting services

                                           Domain name + Host Server + Design = Booming Business

To own a website or online portal, you need a domain name and a web hosting server. But what exactly it means. Why do you need a hosting server for a business website? A web host is housing your website online to make it reliable and professional.  Domain name is URL of the website or name of your website that starts with www.Mycompany.com and this name can be purchased through domain name registration. Once you have that, you need to host it on a server. That is through web hosting company like godaddy.com, hsotgator.com and many more.

Choosing Web Hosting Company
Choosing Web Hosting Company


Dedicated Web Hosting

A dedicated web hosting is a server ideal for online business running on a large scale that requires maintaining a huge log of traffic or viewers. It permits maximum customization, installation, configuration and full-fledged flexibility, all backed by your chosen web host server with unparallel support.  Rajmith will develop a website for your business, perform domain name registration and get you a dedicated server purchase.

So do you wish to own a dedicated web server for your business? Rajmith is a renowned name in the field of best and affordable hosting provider meant to your personal experience, 24* 7 support and hosting packages suited to your business budget. We have all you need to develop a website, gain success in online business and see it flourish unstoppable. We are a world leader in website design and development, hosting provider, content and SEO services.

Web Hosting Company
Web Hosting Company
Website Hosting
Website Hosting

Basically, to run a business in the internet world, you need a website depending upon the type of goals of your business and potential customers. Likewise, to display all products and services, you wish to launch in the market, a database-driven site is required.  To appeal an audience, you need an interactive, content-rich website. So whatever is your business idea, it needs a rocket launch through a unique website and ample space to support it. Considering all challenges and requirements, a good business start is not just excelling in the industry, but also understanding your competition.

Best web hosting is an ideal way to enhance your online presence, so get started now.  We have ideal website hosting services packages for your business, ranging from small size enterprise to large businesses.  Whatever industry you deal with, we have the best solution for your needs.  We specialize in offering quality service and innovative solutions for business of all size and industry. We help you with website design, domain name registration, and web hosting services. Enjoy reliable, affordable and effective services; you need for your online business. Call right now!

Why Client Choose Our Web Design And Development Services

Importance of Website Design for Your Company!


A Website design defines how a business website would look like. Visual design or what we call the customer-facing front end of a website is actually all about web usability and customer navigation paths.  A site should not only look great but must be user-friendly to keep customers intact. Proficient web designers ensure a website design is pretty and truly dictate the apt usability of an interface and customers understand what they are being offered on a site.

Why choose us?

Want to launch your own corporate website or e-commerce store or a B2C, B2B Online Store website? Having an online presence is an inevitable part of marketing strategy in the internet world. At Rajmith, we create websites that are professionally built to perform, easy to update as per changing business needs and result in profitable online business. Our Developers can create a website design for you to help manage e-commerce website order, business sales, and customer management.

Make Creative Website

Our range of web design services:


  • E-commerce website
  • Static and Dynamic site
  • Custom website design
  • Responsive website design
  • Landing page
  • Redesign of a website

Your website is your crucial identity in the online marketplace. We ensure your influential Internet presence with a web design encompassing imagination, multi-functionality and technological savvy for sturdy impressions and complete ease of use. With an amalgamation of creativity, innovation, and technology, Web Design Company in Gurgaon make your business dreams come true. 

Generate Sales with a Professional Web Design:

  • Facility to Easily Update
  • Mobile Optimized Design
  • Manage Content
  • Unique Functionality
  • Customized Programming



Our forte:

  • Corporate website: Gone are the days when a brand just needs a direct marketing to make it recognized in client’s mind. Today, the website acts a bridge between a client and a customer and offers an interface platform here business owner can display its services/ products while customers can view the so as to purchase them.

Mobile friendly design

Responsive design to make your website adaptable to the mobile device, your users are using.


Need any kind of help in case of faults.


Artistic touches perfectly are done to look Pixel Perfect




Templates used for the website are quite professional to render a rich look to the site.

  • E-commerce Website: Today giant companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong are ruling the world because they have almost everything to offer in terms of products needed by the customer. To join the race, your business needs an e-commerce platform to reach audiences and showcase your product offering a creative format and attractive and user-friendly interface. This is what we specialize in.

Rajmith helps its clients to build their sound online presence with a professional and cutting edge website design.  Our expert team is ready to serve you the best web design services and offer a unique and easily navigating user interface to suit varying business needs. Appropriate and affordable web design theme, quick loading time and user-friendly landing pages is all you need to make your business run successfully. Contact us today to get the free quote.

Next Generation Website Design Ideas

 Next Website Design

What’s New in 2018?

1. Minimalist Website Design(New Level in 2018)

2. Material Design

3. Typography Goes Big

4. Data Visualization

5. Long Scrolling Website

6.GIF & other Animation

Web Development






Responsive Web Designing

Mobile browsing is the talk of the time when everyone is internet- addict and love to access stuff at the touch of a button. Recent studies say a rapid increase in the number of mobile users which means more inclination towards website browsing on mobile phones. But that put forward browser compatibility issues, fade screen upon zoom and other issues when a website is opened on smart devices like mobile, tablet etc. Technology called responsive website designing came into existence which implies mobile compatible website that works fine without changing user interface, a bit.

Going Responsive offers multiple advantages:

Rajmith, Web Design Company in Gurgaon helps to expand your customer base through responsive website designs.

Flawless functioning on variety of smart devices.

Unified experience for customers

Rise in Customer Retention

Reduced Bounce rate

Customers stick to website that works fine on desktop and mobile phone thereby increasing Website traffic

Enhanced online visibility so you never miss a chance to lose your potential customers

Leads are sure to convert into sales

Make your website future ready for upcoming smart devices

Website Design Idea

Responsive website designing works great in terms of SEO perspective; you get bulk of audiences whosoever access website on mobile phones and your business stay in synchronization with latest technology ideas in design. As one of the business owner, it become evitable to know best ways to reach audiences, improve conversion rates, make customers satisfied with service and keep business on top. What makes all these pretty easy? Responsive Website Design is a design that best adapts to all screen sizes, easy viewing on various smart devices, better resolution, and easy navigation of view in terms of left and right viewing with help of zoom-in, scroll bar.
But not to confuse that a mobile friendly website is never a responsive website! Because mobile friendly website makes users view website good on mobile devices but won’t work on desktop big screen, while in contrast if you have responsive website for your online business means you get advantages to run website conveniently and efficiently on both desktop and mobile devices without need to change interface or coding. Rajmith has the requisite tools and skills to make your website responsive and look pretty good on all devices.

Website Development
High-quality Image for Website Development

Te best part is you need not to have content ready for desktop version and mobile device separately. Get the content published when you feel the need to revive the website and get rid of duplicate content. Just concentrate effort of SEO technique and website traffic. Mobile optimized version for a website leverage high rank on search engines. Highly recommended by top search engines because of user friendly modes and SEO friendly design, responsive website is prime requisite of every business. Industry asks to compete with competitors, so be ready for the future. Billions of users are going mobile and to stay consistent with their demands, business must seek responsive web design to get desired business results. Get started now with best web development company, Rajmith.

Need Of Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website
Responsive Website is Essential

Why Mobile Responsive Website Design Essential?

A website well adapted to all screen sizes i.e laptops, computers, tablets and mobile phones and provide digitally enhanced and smart user experience is termed as responsive website. Talking about SEO benefits, responsive web pages work in line with defined Google recommendation. Still misunderstood the importance of a responsive design? Increase Mobile Usage demands so. Now the question arises- what it takes to make a website responsive? A wholly new website design or changes to the existing website. None of them! Only a slight adjustment in functionality is what desired to make website work well on various devices.
A responsive design defines a type of website design which undergoes adjustments in terms of its characteristics like alignment of data, width and so on so as to look decent when opened on varying screens. This implies slight changes to be done on the part of user interface by designers and no change of code at any point of time. Irrespective of whether a website needs periodic updates or how it looks in future, existing website can be made responsive. This is purely a functional aspect rather than applying major changes in design pattern. A website would look absolutely wonderful and work wonderfully. This is the end result.


Mobile Responsive Website
Mobile Responsive Website

Let’s understand why Responsive design is necessary:

1.Usability: Recent spike in Smartphone users, the need for more functional and more interactive website has grown significantly. The design of website must show all menus and sub pages and the content displayed is readable, that’s the demand of 21stcentury users.  Customers are smart who ask for easy to use things sp if a website needs to grab attention of customers, it must won these properties.

2.Speed Matters: Recently Google has announced that load time for a mobile page is an important factor for SEO. A website must own a design specific to meet SEO parameters and must work properly on all mobile devices. Moreover there is an added benefit of a responsive design. A web page loads fast so no waiting and better usability thus eventually better rankings.

3.Optimal Viewing of Webpage and Content:  Convenient reading and easy navigation are prime factors that customers consider viewing a website.  Minimum resizing, scrolling and fast to load on mobile devices makes a website not only great but also well ranked on Google.


Just imagine, you run an ecommerce business and your customers come from various age groups who use variety of different browsing devices. Is it feasible to create a website differently for each one of them? Will you ask a designer to craft one website for iPhone, one for Android Smartphone and one for computer users? Practically speaking, this is weird and useless. To erase all such browsing issues, an approach came into existence called responsive design. When the madness for mobile usage went viral, responsive website design became necessary.


Responsive Web Design
Responsive Web Design Image

Planning to step into the world of websites where every business owns a design that works excellent in regards to resolution, grids, and layouts? No need for change of code or asking designer to craft a website over again to work on mobile devices. A responsive design is an answer to all your queries. Rajmith is a professional website design company in Gurgaon who promise to deliver outstanding responsive web designs for valuable user experience. So you need not to worry what line of customers you deal with. Amazing resolution is what we aim for when going for responsive design. Better orientation on various platforms is the prime concern while making existing website responsive and functional on mobile devices. Let us make your website responsive and bring back better usability. Let’s talk now.



Creative Way Of Mobile App Development

What it takes to create an Amazing App for your Business?

 Mobile App Development
Way To Design Mobile App

Mobile Market is flooded with hell lots of beautiful and smart android apps. Developing an app for your business has become a challenge -as what’s next and what so amazing can be launched in the market so customers get attracted towards it. Mesmerizing and convenient- to- use should be the keywords when it comes to developing an android app for any business. A user must feel like using an app so easily that  he/she loves it and appreciate the usability during its performance. Trust Rajmith for launching a new and wholly functional android app for your business. We render excellent Android Apps Development in Gurgaon so businesses flourish and earn lot of profit.

Having an app is not just about creating it and launch, it’s more of fetching customer’s attention so they love to download it and use it over and over again. Deciding on an android app is pretty crucial and Rajmith can help you solve the confusion. We have developed 100’s of world class android apps till date and look forward to deliver wonderful work for our clients, every time, they approach us.

Whether it’s about developing an app for education institute who wish to promote and run program for children and learners or creating an app for e-commerce group who desire to sell its products via an android app, Rajmith excel it all. The first step before you finalize what sort of app should be developed for your business, it’s essential to find out which platform to choose. An android app must be developed to suit your business needs. Basically there are two categories of android apps, you can choose for your business:

Native Android Apps Development

The app developed using the languages and development tools supported by android platform come in the category of native android apps. Basically Java, C++, Goggle Material and Android Studio are the languages and tools used by developers to design a customized and fascinating android app. Developing native apps have pros in terms of performance due to their android specific characteristics and access to the device adequate hardware space.

Hybrid Android Apps Development

Hybrid category of android apps is usually developed making use of standard web tools and technologies like HTML, JavaScript and CSS. The concept about hybrid app development lies in its execution. The final code of an app is wrapped smartly in a native container to be executed anywhere. It is usually called Write once and Use Anywhere and it has an advantage for developers to create a code just once and use it n-number of times, anywhere, anytime. Leverage about creating hybrid app is that the same code can be used for multiple platforms to serve the purpose.

Android App Development
Design Android App

Rajmith has the potential to create amazing android apps and let you choose best approach to develop an android app for your business. Our designers are proficient to deliver quality apps development. We are a renowned leader in Android Apps Development in Gurgaon, promising you fast and effective service from inception till execution and final testing of an app once it’s out in market. Let’s talk and work on your plan. Rajmith is best Mobile app Development Company in Gurgaon that gives you necessary tools to create smart, relevant and engaging app experiences.

Maximum customer engagement and relevant information is what customers want on your mobile app.With Rajmith, get insights about mobile application development industry and what can be done to make your application run successfully. We make sure that you get right output as per your business requirements.

Importance of SEO

Advertising brand+ Online Reputation + Website Traffic= SEO

Running a Successful Business is not a rocket science anymore. Hell lot of businesses are gaining importance in the internet world, with almost all verticals leaving their mark with best of the website design, interactive UI and apps for their business. But what that matters the most is the right SEO technique to boost revenue and gain recognition. No matter you are running home cleaning services, salon, garage, a creche or even a small restaurant in the local market, you must build trust and recognition in the market. SEO is a cost effective tool to advertise and reach audiences, not just nationally but around the world.
High rank, more traffic on website and sound reputation is a foremost desire of online businesses. But how can one do that efficiently and effectively. Search Engine Optimization involves tactics and rules to be followed by a website to improve website traffic, gain visibility in organic search and maintain online reputation. Nowadays it’s easy to make or break online presence when you have number of SEO practices like reputation management, so better stay ahead of competitors by keeping a watch on online activities, be engaging and interactive on social media platforms and stay in tune with customer’s demands.

SEO Services

Key Benefits of SEO for your Business:

Compete with Big Names in the Market
Even if you deal in rental houses, sports equipment supply or a large business like a reputed hotel, role of internet means a lot in uplifting your reputation in the industry. You customers know you by your brand so build a trust and recognition with right image in the market. Rajmith offer best SEO services in gurgaon to help attain your business goal with ease.

Maintain online repo:

It is likely to witness positive and negative reviews about your brand on internet, but you can now manage your repo with filtering out bad comments so your customers don’t feel confused and doubtful within sea of online reviews. SEO campaigns help deliver official information every time, you are being searched on search engines.
Affordable Means to Advertise
SEO has to be effective not expensive to make it a success. A decent amount of investment is enough to render quality results by running right campaigns, advertise a brand on social media platforms.

Get in touch with Remote Audiences

You may be operating your business from Sydney, London or Austria, but why does to stop you from fetching customers from USA, Europe, Asia, etc. Spread your arms to all possibilities to get worldwide customers and do maximum profits by selling throughout the globe.

Enhance Website Usability

Customers are notoriously intolerant, so if you can’t serve them best and instantly, you are losing somehow. Every customer means a lot so why to let them go just because you are not accessible to them. Rajmith prepares fresh, innovative and latest SEO techniques to bring results worthwhile.

Safeguard your brand from competitors

Businesses rivals are there to give you tough competition and pull your customers towards their brand, so you have to make sure they are not able to beat you in any manner. Stay on top of search results as being first always benefit your business. Want quality SEO services for your business, contact us today.